What is wrong with Internet Explorer?

I'm currently in the process of setting up a new development machine with all the software I need (Oh what fun!)

I was working may way through my list of essentials (about 90 items and counting!) - installing from disk for stuff on disk, and downloading the most recent versions of apps available on line.

Shortly after installing MS-Office (and running MS Update and rebooting), I tried to download iTunes... I.E. crashed as soon as I had clicked the save to disk button.  I tried again... I.E. crashed again.  So I thought - lets download FireFox and use that instead... I.E. crashed again.

Thankfully I had a somewhat recent version of FireFox on an external hard drive - and I was able to install that and download without any further issues.

If I hadn't had FireFox - I would have been left in a position where I couldn't really do anything - not being able to download anything would prevent me from downloading a browser which is capable of downloading software...

I've had a worse problem than this in the past - with Internet Explorer refusing to load at all on a live web server, as it had been updated and the machine had not been rebooted - rather an issue when most of the monitoring and configuration tools on the server are browser hosted...

Needless to say, I keep a copy of FireFox on all the servers now!

Rant over for now :)

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barry.b's Gravatar are you *sure* it's solely IE's fault?

it could be a windows or security setting issue. anything noteworthy in the error logs?

what I'm getting at:
- just because your download works with FireFox doesn't mean all copies of IE are ill. Lots of people use IE and if it was as bad as that we'd be hearing a lot more complaints (and a lot more take-up by FF by which time MS would have done something about it)
- not that long ago I had a ton of grief getting the latest XP service pack working. It would crash half way through, corrupt the Windows install and need to be blown away and re-installed fresh. Oh how I bitched and moaned about Microsoft... turned out to be faulty RAM ... works like a charm now...

eh, my 2c. YMMV
# Posted By barry.b | 02/03/08 01:54
Don Q's Gravatar well... Why cant Window just tell you that your ram might be defective? Other software has that ability, shouldn't it just make sense its part of the operating system to let you know that your system has something wrong with it?

... Even if it was a security setting, it *shouldn't* crash the browser, it should tell you.

Yes, I hate microsoft :P
# Posted By Don Q | 02/03/08 07:55
Dan Lancelot's Gravatar @berrry_b - No - I'm not 'sure' it's totally IE's fault...

However considering this is a brand New Laptop (delivered from dell a weak ago), having a brand new OS install, all correct and up to date drivers, latest Microsoft updates, and very little other software installed (all of it Microsoft) - I can be fairly confident that the problem lies within the MS software, and not within the hardware.

And when I say crash - I don't mean BSOD (which I would generally consider to be most likely a hardware issue) but rather, after the dialogue box had popped up asking me whether I wanted to save or run the download, (to which I selected Save) the following dialogue would appear - but with a blank background - followed by a "program not responding" windows error.

I think you are probably correct in saying the problem is not actually within IE itself - but the problem is that IE, MS-Office, and the OS are all so indeterminably linked, that an issue caused within one seemingly unrelated piece of software stops a piece of functionality that is so basic, and so critical to system operation in the modern internet dependant environment (i.e. downloading files from the www) that the system becomes unusable without mouth to mouth from another system / previously archived files.

I'm not even really saying that its a problem that MS can necessarily fix - I understand from a software development point of view why it makes sense to share functionality amongst different applications they create - nevertheless it is incredibly frustrating - and means that however good the software is (and yes, I think MS produce some excellent software) - it can't be relied upon... (incidentally, by and large, I've found IE7 to be much more stable, and certainly much less demanding on the system than FireFox - FireFox is only really my browser of choice because of the excellent plugins (FireBug, Web Developer tool bar, del.icio.us bookmarks etc.) which just aren't available for other browsers.)

@Don Q - I think there are valid reasons why in the case of defective memory, the OS cannot necessarily tell you that this is the problem - as the OS is relying on the (defective) contents of the memory for its operation.

I quite agree with you that if it is a configuration issue or a software issue, you should be alerted as to what the issue is (if at all possible).

I don't hate Microsoft - just find some of their software incredibly frustrating at times (and don't get me started talking about Vista...)
# Posted By Dan Lancelot | 02/03/08 22:03
Don Q's Gravatar c'moonnnn.. its so easy to hate, all the cool kids are doing it
# Posted By Don Q | 02/03/08 22:51
barry.b's Gravatar "I don't hate Microsoft "

well, I'm a convert to Mac's but geez OS-X annoys me sometimes. Windows Explorer (file manager - windows+E) is tons better than Finder and Spotlight useless compared to Windows Search(windows+F).

I'd love to be able to steal from both... a pox on both their houses!
# Posted By barry.b | 03/03/08 08:10
Susan Gurma's Gravatar There is no trouble whit Explore only Firefox is better .
# Posted By Susan Gurma | 02/07/08 16:27
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