Why does anyone use Yahoo email???

A word of advice for anyone using Yahoo mail:

Use Googlemail

Last night, I had to test the formatting of an email generated by our Email Marketing tool within Yahoo mail.

  • The first email I sent arrived immediately
  • The second email I sent did not arrive within an hour and a half
  • The third email I sent (20 minutes later) also did not arrive within that time frame
  • The fourth email I sent (over an hour later) arrived imediately

When I checked yahoo mail this morning, there were four unread emails - including one which had been sent at 16:30 the previous day - this mail took at least 8 hours to arrive!

This in itself should be more than enough to stop anyone using yahoo mail (This is definitely not an isolated instance, we have had several reports of this behaviour from our clients).

In addition, the following would also stop me using yahoo:

  • Extremely intrusive advertising, often taking over ~ 50% of the screen space.
  • The annoying this message was sent using yahoo mail - aren't we fantastic! message which yahoo seem to put into every outgoing email by default
  • When you set up a new account, Yahoo seem to "opt you in" to receive messages within various categories - without warning you that they are going to

Now I appreciate that some people don't get on with the googlemail interface - but if my 60+ year old mum can can cope with moving from yahoo to google (and actually prefers the googlemail interface) - then it can't be that hard!

Add on the fact that you can host email for your own domains there for free - and you get a whole lot of other functionality for free as well (Blackberry / mobile device / POP3 / IMAP access, integration with other Google services etc.) - and the advertising is non intrusive (and often relevant) - then I really can't understand why anyone would use a service which is as dysfunctional and annoying as yahoo's...

Rant over... for now...

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Jim Priest's Gravatar This is in no way an endorsement for Yahoo mail - but I've seen the same behavior with Google as well. With probably 90% of all email being spam these days anyway - I think it's a miracle that ANY email gets through...
# Posted By Jim Priest | 25/04/08 14:04
Brent's Gravatar Yahoo has started delaying email from the same sender sent within a certain time period (which they won't release). They say it is to combat spam, I say its nothing but a headache for the customers I work with.
# Posted By Brent | 25/04/08 14:21
Dan Lancelot's Gravatar @Jim Priest - I use googlemail extensively (both standalone and applications versions) and have never experienced any delays with them.

I'm not saying they don't occasionally occur - with yahoo it seems like its par for the course - to such an extent that clients actually believe me when I say "Our system is working correctly - I believe the problem is with yahoo"

I have been running tests sending out mail simultaneously to yahoo, hotmail, googlemail, and a self hosted domain - and consistently the yahoo mail is delayed by up to 12 hours, and the others are delivered immediately (or as soon as they have been spooled by App Server)

@Brent - That does make some kind of sense - our system sends out 100's of thousands of emails per month - and whilst yahoo email addresses are not all that prevelant, theres probably a few hundred in there...

Do you have any links documenting this? Getting feedback from yahoo is like getting blood out of a stone...
# Posted By Dan Lancelot | 25/04/08 20:02
Dan Lancelot's Gravatar Thanks for the link Jim - that is a concern (as the majority of my private email and some business email uses gmail) - but its not entirely relevant to the issue I'm seeing with Yahoo.

The problem with Yahoo, is that it is randomly and arbitarily delaying some incoming emails quite substantially - whereas the Gmail issue appears to be that outgoing emails are being delayed / blocked by 3rd parties.

Yahoo (appear to) have decided to make their email service perform worse than it could for its customers - whereas the Google issue is not caused directly by Google. (Although I'm certain that they will be endeavouring to rectify the reported deficiencies with their Captcha functionality post haste...)
# Posted By Dan Lancelot | 25/04/08 22:50
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