How to change ColdFusion / JRun logging location

ColdFusion by default stores log files in 2 locations, dependant on the type:

ColdFusion Logs

By default these are stored within {CF Installation folder}/logs (at least for standalone - for Multi-instance installations its in the /Cfusion/Logs folder within the instance)

This location can be altered from within the ColdFusion administrator (Debugging & Logging - Logging Settings - Log Directory. (This should be obvious - thanks Andy for pointing it out...

JRun Logs

By default these are stored within {JRun.rootdir}/logs/.

Altering the storage location for these files is somewhat harder:

JRun Event log(s)

Within the jrun.xml the following line:

<service class="jrunx.logger.FileLogEventHandler" name="FileLogEventHandler"><attribute name="filename">{jrun.rootdir}/logs/{}-event.log</attribute>
controls the location of the event log.

See This Adobe tech note for details as to how this can be changed.

JRun System logs

The log files {server-name}-err.log and {server-name}-out.log are not controlled by the JRun.xml file - to modify these you need to alter the registry on windows, or the startup arguments for JRun on Unix.

This Adobe tech note for details as to how these can be changed.

Hopefully this will help someone - its taken me a couple of hours to find this info...

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