A big thankyou to all those involved in Scotch on the Rocks

Got back home from Scotch on the Rocks - just wanted to publicly thank all those involved with Scotch on the Rocks.

In particular I want to thank Andy Allan and his wife Leanne for the huge amount of time and resource they have given to make this conference the best ever European ColdFusion conference, together with Kev, Stephen and others.

I also want to thank all the speakers - All the presentations I attended were interesting - and some were particularly relevant to where I am now as a developer.

The networking was great - it was particularly good to be able to chat with some of the guys who are leaders within the community - I think this can be even more valuable in many occasions than the sessions - as well as the interaction with Adobe staff.

Thanks Everyone.

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John Whish's Gravatar I second that :)
# Posted By John Whish | 07/06/08 15:51
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