Google Maps: How to zoom...

The esiest way to zoom in and out on a Google Map, is to use the Mouse Wheel (up for zooming in, and down to zoom out).

Sometimes this isn't possible (by default mouse wheel zoom is disabled for API usage, and it's hard to use a mouse wheel when you're on a laptop with no mouse!)

In this case you can double click with the left button to zoom in (I'm sure everybody knew this) - but you can also zoom out by double clicking the right mouse button.

(And if you are using a Mac Book, then tough luck as Apple are still insisting that a right mouse button is superfluous!!!) (...waits for flames from Mac Fan Boys...)

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Sammy Larbi's Gravatar re: Mac comment: I thought that was ridiculous as well, the insistence on a single mouse button. But here I am on my mac right clicking with Apple's Mighty Mouse! =)
# Posted By Sammy Larbi | 13/07/08 20:51
Dan Lancelot's Gravatar Hi Sammy,

Yeah, I realise the mighty mouse does offer right mouse button - although it doesn't seem to work universally (Boot Camp / VMWare Fusion seem to have problems)

It's not much help when you are using the track pad though... (although I believe some of the latest MBP / AIR track pads allow you to use 2 fingers to right click...
# Posted By Dan Lancelot | 13/07/08 20:55
Sammy Larbi's Gravatar On the trackpad, the 2 finger-click for double click seems to work for me only in Windows. I rarely use the track pad, as I prefer the mouse, so my experience isn't the most broad, but that's been how I've seen it.
# Posted By Sammy Larbi | 13/07/08 21:59
John Wise's Gravatar You can also use the numpad plus & minus keys to zoom in and out once you click on the map.
# Posted By John Wise | 14/07/08 19:34
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