Weird issue trying to start a CF8 instance

Just had the following issue when trying to start a CF8 instance.

Within the windows services control panel, I clicked start for all of the instances (8) - and they all started except 1.

This was following some fairly in depth reconfiguring of the instances - involving changes to multiple configuration files, the registry, and (perhaps most tellingly) mapping each instance to use its own configuration file by un-registering the windows service, and then re-registering the service using the new config file.

During this process, jrunsvc will stop the service if it is currently running.

When I checked within the JRun {instance name}-out.log file within the instance which would not start, I saw the following error:

error JRun Naming Service unable to start on port 2914 Port in use by another service or process: 2914

Ok - I've not seen this specific error message before (not quite sure what the JRun naming service is - the port number corresponds with the Remote Port as shown in the CF Enterprise Manager Available Servers list - so I assume this is the JRun service for that instance) but it looked like something else was running on that port.

I downloaded the excellent TCPView utility from the Sysinternals website (now taken over by Microsoft) - and I could see that the culprit was an instance of JRun.

I proceeded to terminate the process in question - checking that all my other instances of ColdFusion were still running ok - and then started the service for this instance again.

This time the service started without any issues.

I assume that the instance in question had not shut down properly - but had been detached from the windows service... All good now at any rate...

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James Netherton's Gravatar I get this with whenever CF8 is running and I need to start the JRun management console application (and vice versa). Annoying as I have to stop one instance just to start the other.
# Posted By James Netherton | 07/07/08 08:11
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